LED Lights For Display Case

This LED Display Lighting are designed with a slim profile, perfect for narrow spaces.They feature high lumen output and very low operational heat for your safety.They are suitable for a wide range of proximate display and task applications. Particularly effective in display case lighting as energy-saving and lower heat alternative to halogen spotlighting.

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Technical specs

Item NO.:TR157
Wattage: 3 Watts
Color Temp:3000-3500K,4000-4500K,6000-6500K
Light Source:3 PCS 1 W LEDS
Lumens: 110-120LM/W
Height: 30CM

Supplied complete with a 300MA constant current driver


1.Ultra bright
2.Uses only 3 watts of power,a cost effectiver solution to led cabinet lighting
3.Custom sizes available

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The LED Cabinet & Display lighting  are a superb choice for illuminating jewelry,watches,suvenirs and other luxury goods.