About us

Trivers LED Lighting is a leading chinese manufacturer and supplier of LED Cabinet Light designed for installation into all types of showcases and cabinets. Most of our exciting ranges of LED product have been designed to be easy to install and cost effective. Lighting cabinets is a speciality field, requiring the focus to be on the products on display, with perfect light levels and sparkle.We work to continuously develop new product lines to meet the growing demand in the market.

Why Choose Our LED lights?
  • LED lights have the advantage of extremely long lifespan,while consuming 90% less energy.
  • LED lights are environment friendly both when they are recycled and also from the point of view of rare exchange and extremely low consumption of energy.
  • LED lights require very low maintainance in general. First of all, because of the long lifespan, you will not have to change them very often. At the same time, your obvious benefit is the enormous amount of saved energ
  • We are manufacturer,So deal direct with us can cutting out the middle man and keeping your prices lower than your competitors.
Start to revolutionize your lighting system and exchange your lights with LEDs equivalents, contact us for advise. Dial us on 86 18126397576
or email us for more information on candy@triverled.com